Rules & Regulations
Our Mission
WE believe players are not made in the field; champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream a vision. An FCBEscola Vision Click To Enlarge...

Training Sessions
The objective of our training sessions are centered on two basic ideas teaching the basic concepts of football and transmitting the education value of football spirits in terms of basic rights, guided by the principles of coexistence and fairy play. Children are chosen according to the age classification from 6—15 years that are enjoying the emotion of training three times a week and playing 5-aside football each Friday in small groups which is considered a very special day for players where parents come to watch their children play matches. Players are put in teams according to their age as well as their level, knowing that each team is consisted of no more than 12 players; In training days the field is divided to 6 pitches, this gives us a total of 72 players per training session. Click To Enlarge...

FCBEscola Internal Tournaments
To make the games more exciting for our young players, the tournaments are now all named after famous real tournaments such as the Spanish La Liga, the UEFA Champions League and the Spanish Super Cup. The Academy's version of the Liga consists of groups made of four or six teams each from the same academy that play against each other on Fridays during the season that starts in February and ends in June. Once every two weekends, however, the Liga teams get a day of rest and the Champions League plays. As every player is at their peak of excitement at the end of the season, the highly important Super Cup matches are brought into action. An innovation of these tournaments includes the teams of the Liga, of the Champions league and of the Super Cup competing against each other for trophies during the weekends within each season. Having such an exercise during the season from February till May of each year is a true encouragement for the teams. It is a chance for them to play against different opponents and experience other types of competition. Click To Enlarge...

We always work hard to create lively innovative events and carnivals for the kids , hereunder is a list from the most important wither related to the sport or socially:
  • Internal League ( matches between teams same age in he same branch) Champion League ( matches between the two Escolas branches).
  • Super cup matches ( winners of both championships compete against each other on the day for the highest title).
  • Player Evaluation every Three months. End of season celebration and evaluation.
  • Internal Loyalty program for the Escola members, we celebrate at the end of each month a group birthday party for the kids born on the related month.
  • Special carnival themes e.g. mothers team, fathers day to play football against their kids, charity events with giveaways distribution.
  • Fun carnivals where players are encouraged to invite their families and friends ( not members in the escola).
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Summer Camps
FCBEscola philosophy is to develop and maintain social functions parallel to the sport itself, at the end of each season a summer camp is organized for FCBEscola players and families in Barcelona for a two week period which was extremely successful. The players and the staff had an excellent time. Three summer camps have already taken place in the last summers and our children had lots of fun. They were trained by the coaches of the best leagues of Europe and attended discussions. During the 6 days the players spent in the camp, they underwent skills training, swimming sessions, theoretical training in the form of watching old matches and competition with the teams from the other academies. The players got to see the famous cups and trophies in real and had an informative glimpse by visiting sports newspapers. Click To Enlarge...

International Tournaments
The best players of the Liga academy entered a program where they can be sent to Spain. Twelve of our best young ones were chosen from the different age groups to get to fly to Spain and play in tournaments against the best players of the European Academies. The age group of 2000 and that of 1998 have taken part in the Terres de L'ebra. Two months later, in May 2008, the age group of 1999 got to participate in the VI Football 7 in Andorra La Vella. In that competition, our children got to play against Valencia C. F, Aro C.F, Andorra C.F, Valls C.F and UEB Santa Creus. FCBEscola won 2 out of five matches, however they have showed the world how they can perform against some of the best academies in the world. This was a great learning opportunity for FCBEscola and the teams will be wary of them in next tournaments!!! Click To Enlarge...