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The school is owned and managed by Stryx Sports marketing company, a new breed of sports promotion companies introducing new and modern concepts in the field. Having started in August 2003 Stryx Sports Marketing is an innovative, specialized firm operating in a very active market with great potential which made it one of the Key players in this field in Egypt and the Middle East. Being fully equipped with knowledge and the know-how, in marketing sports and sports consultancy for multinationals. Stryx entered the field with a clear vision and strategy. Using these abilities in attracting pioneers to the sports field in Egypt,which brings sports to new heights. In 2006 Stryx Sports SAE and FCBarcelona signed a contract to establish and operate Soccer Schools bearing the name of FCBEscola in the Middle East. It is the first in the Middle East and the third allover the world

Barca Escola
FCBEscola Egypt was launched in Cairo in September 2006 and with its huge success a second academy was launched in March 2007. The school in Egypt currently has more than 700 players.It applies the training curriculum developed by FC Barcelona for all its' schools around the world. In less than three years Stryx was able to open and operate five academies; Two in Egypt, one in Saudi Arabia, one in Kuwait and the last in Dubai. It's the soccer model school of FCBEscola, our principal objective is to integral formation of our students, and therefore we follow up the good development of their personality, their success in the school, and their improvements as a football player. All these aspects are connected with our training system. Our slogan is "Mes Que Un Club" "More than a club" it is perhaps this flexibility that makes it so appropriate for defining the complexities of FCBEscola identity, a club that competes in a sporting sense on the field of play, but that also beats, everyday, to the rhythm of it's people's concerns.Over more than one hundred years of history, Fc Barcelona has grown spectacularly in every area and has progressed into something much greater than a mere sports club, turning Barca "More Than A Club" slogan into reality. All around the world, Barca is identified with the caring causes, and most especially children through its sponsorship agreement with UNCEIF.